Wednesday, May 13

Imagery of Letters Exhibition

So yesterday was 'D day'  for putting up my exhibition. I was still finishing off my last piece 20 minutes before we had to head out the house! I haven't talked about it really and forgot to put up the promotional poster on the blog, but here it is. My blog doesn't really get updated (as you can tell). However if you follow me on Twitter I was all over that! 

This was the space before pictures went up.  Daunting right?? Blank walls and sketch book pages are my nemesis! We had some problems including a parking ticket and frames without hanging bits on the back. Also my indecisive streak really hindered the hanging process. It's a good job my other half is practical. 

So after about 5 hours it was all up and finished. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  It's been a steep learning curve and quite a lot of stress but it was worth it. Would I do another? Yes but with better planning!

If you are in the area, please do go down to The Malt Cross as it is a fantastic building and they serve some nice pulled pork sandwiches!

Photos of the work to follow and hopefully a review from the gallery. 

Take care x

Monday, March 16

Call for Submissions - Imagery of Letters

Deadline - 10th April 2015 (although this may be extended)

If you are interested in submitting work, please contact me via the blog or the email above.
*Please note, all submissions need to be sent along with an application which can be received from me on enquiry, along with a full brief etc. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, June 19

Baby's room update

Hullo :)
How are you guys? Gosh it's been a fair few months with lots of stuff passing my poor neglected blog by but I do have an excuse (sort of...) in the shape of a mischievous baby girl! She was born in January and is the most precious, beautiful thing and makes every day joyful. So thanks to the gods of awesome for sending her our way.  I said I would be away a while but babies take up so much time - who knew?! 

I promised you way back in October for pictures of her room and I have managed to put together a few for you.  They are not great but it gives you a flavour of the theme, any hard to see details I will put bigger pics of below.  I was going for a woodland animals theme but seems to have been taken over by owls :)

You can look at my inspiration for the room on my Baby board, on Pinterest.

* Deer Embroidery, Fabric Bunting, Felt ball Bunting and Paper Crane mobile all handmade.
* Knitted throw - Vintage find on ebay
* Story book pages (in frame) - Vintage finds
* Name embroidery (in small Gold frame) - Made by my friend Emma
* Owl bedding - from Tesco  (It was a single bed size that I custom made to Cot bed size) 
* Malm Chest of Drawers & Square pink cushion both from IKEA.
* Round glass lamp - Asda 

The Pillow (can just make it out) was covered with the owl bedding remnants for the Cleva Mama pillow, which I recommend for any babies with slightly flat heads.

Owl Puppet toy was a gift but you can get your own at IKEA. We gave Baby hers from being only a few weeks old and she loves it, it is the only soft toy in her Cot.

White bunny rabbit shaped LED lamp night light

Little Rabbit lamp (on window sill) was from Vintage Pink Online

The little tin bag (on shelf) came from Cath Kidston but you can buy it from

That's all for now, see you soon xxxx

Wednesday, December 19

Merry Christmas

I know it's a little bit early but due to me being heavily pregnant (and could pop at any time), I'm wishing you all a Merry Christmas - now! I have looked into my Chrismassy archive and found something I did a few years ago, to give you all festive cheer :) I hope for snow just like this!

Also here is a gorgeous photo from my dear friend Joani's blog Plow Your Own Furrow which is sure to get you in the Christmas mood. She always has some really artful arrangements that capture the seasons perfectly. Her photos are just lovely.

She is also an amazing supporter of my work and after a recent promotion of my Woodland drawing I have added it to my Society6 shop :) I have been terrible with shop updating and getting prints sorted this year so these are LONG overdue!

Woodland - Silverpoint on prepared paper 2012
As you should be - Water colour and pencil crayon on Collaged papers

Both are available from my Society6 shop here alongside some of my collage series.  I hope to put some more in soon but this is obviously dependent on whether baby will allow this!

So here is to a very Happy Christmas and New Year - I wish you all a safe and happy season. Here is to a great 2013 for everyone.

I shall be taking a short break over the holidays so this may be my last post for a while. See you all in the new year.


Friday, December 7

Shop update

Just Dropped in to say that 'Deer Under Stars' is now available to buy in my shop now.

Oh yes, and Issue 5 of 91 Magazine is out now!  You can see my Vintage Lover's Guide to York in there.

Hope everyone is gearing up for Christmas :) We have our tree up already (I know - it's only early December!) and i'm slowly making the rest of the house just as festive.

Wednesday, October 10

More Deers...

Deer in a Hoop :) Transfer, vintage fabric, paper, jewel on cotton

Made this for baby's room, but i'm thinking I might put it up for sale with the picture I showed you last week. What do you think?  I did some staging of them both and they made me feel very Christmassy, must be the fairy lights.  I L.O.V.E Christmas and this year we are in a the new house. We have already planned where we are putting the tree and i'm getting some Pinterest inspiration for decorations. 

FYI - My Christmas Pinterest board is here if you want to share in the holiday love.

On another decorative note, we are starting to decorate our bedroom and baby's room in the coming weeks - obviously very excited.  I will share our progress as it happens.

Happy Wednesday to you all xxx

Thursday, October 4

Where did the summer go?


It's been some time since I was here on the old blog but we moved house and lots of other crazy things happened along the way.  Summer just flew by and looky here, we are in October!!!!  We are settled in now (mostly) but my studio is still in some hot mess, so work has been but a trickle since my last update.

Issue 4 of 91 Magazine is out and proud with my 'Vintage Lover's guide to Berlin' in it!  This was so fun to do but we moved right in the middle of me making it and then didn't have any interweebs for what seemed like forever. I don't have a finished digital image to share as it is on a different PC, but go over to the magazine here and peruse it - honestly this edition is cracking!

I have very kindly been asked to contribute to Issue 5 so will let y'all know when that's ready to roll.

Hot from the studio is this mixed media piece - I have just called it 'Deer' as I can't really think of any fancy names.  It is a mixture of pencil crayon, acrylic, graphite and vintage paper on canvas board.  I prepared the board ages ago but only just felt like this was the image to use it for.

Deer - Mixed media 40x40

Here she is on my drawing board - the sunshine just came out at the right moment. Below is a close up.  The original will be available to buy soon.

Deer - Close up
This week I also discovered a new technique of using fabric and paper with the ability to draw, transfer, silver point and stitch on it.  Like, all my favorite things together - no longer do I have to choose between them.  Oh, I couldn't order supplies fast enough!  When I have had a few good trials I shall reveal more. Needless to say I am excited :)

Lastly I am very happy to tell you all that I am 6 months pregnant!  It's not been easy so far, I won't lie, but we waited so long for it to happen that every day is a gift.  I've had some scary moments but this bambino is a fighter! Deer is actually a gift to my baby - not in a literal sense but as something I created to will us both on to the finish line.

I hope you all had a great summer and are enjoying the approach of autumn.  I for one can't wait for cosy nights in, brisk weather and fiery changing hues.  Hot chocolate anyone?