Sunday, April 12

Easter Greetings

What-Ho chicklings - Easter greetings to you one and all. I do hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend with lots of goodies. I have already eaten half of an Easter egg, as is customary but will be getting something more suitable shortly. Dora chickling (above) wanted to say hello and she wore her bestest hat as well. She does like to dress up for special occasions.
My week has been fairly manic as I have been getting some Christmas card designs done ready to be taken to the USA next week. I had six designs accepted in total so hopefully some lovely manufacturers over there will love them and buy them. One can only hope. That was up to Thursday and then Friday I saw my friend's new Baby - Abby. I'm not a fan of babies generally, but she is most adorable and lovely. I can't wait to buy her lots of girlie things as she grows up! I also got to catch up with some other friends too so that was a very lovely day indeed. It is also one week since I started my blog so hurrah for that!
Today I am off to a BBQ which would be super if the weather was nice. Its a little bit overcast and will probably rain - boo. This does not bode well for BBQs but I'm sure it will be fine all the same.
Anyhoo, I've got to dash as I have to get ready now, but I hope you have a lovely day full of spring things.

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