Monday, April 6

Good afternoon lovelies, hope that your Monday morning has been good. Mine has been slow and a piece of work I'm doing currently seems to be taking forever. Although light is at the end of tunnel so I'm taking a wee break.

At the weekend I purchased some new pencil crayons (Derwent Inktense) which are fabulous and really give my work the bright hit it needs. I have been producing designs for Christmas cards (lots of snowmen) but the director wanted it brighter, I have gone all out. Looks completely alien to my normal work but if it sells then i don't mind.

On another note I'm mourning the loss of the Twilight saga, which I managed to read in about 9 days - damn my fast reading skills! Twilight comes out on DVD today though - yey!

I've included a sneak peek at a portrait I'm doing which I may add should be finished tomorrow at the latest. His name is Frankie and I thoroughly enjoyed painting him. His owner used to call him 'fun time Frankie' which I think is great.

That's all for now peeps x

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