Sunday, April 26

Similar but a little bit different...

Well Hello dears, how are you this fine day? I have had a lovely weekend, I hope you have too. Yesterday my husband took me for an adventure trip in the car. We set off and then I had to choose left or right at each junction. We ended up at Tissington Hall near Ashbourne which is a stately home with a small village on the estate. It was nice to have a wonder round and say which cottages we would live in if we could! It would have been truly idyllic had there not been other people there...with unruly children. Yes, yes I'm a grouch!

Here is a drawing I'm working on at the minute. I had such a great response to my bear girl, I thought I'd try to develop my girl characters. They are slightly different in style to the rest of my work and I'm not quite sure how to reconcile this yet. Till then this is Hetti. I put her on a wood panel I had, but she is originally born of cold pressed WC paper. She is not finished but I thought I'd share anyway.
Hetti is just about to start school and is nervous but very excited - the rabbit ears are only in her imagination. She is leaving her friend Mr E. at home (who happens to be a rabbit) and she decided she would miss him a little bit less if she took some rabbitty-ness with to speak. She is only 5.

Please let me know what you think, it is hard to be impartial when I've been looking at it for hour upon hour.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)



  1. I really like her, i like that one of her eyes is bigger and I love the rabbit ears and the details on her little shoes! I also fell in love with the wonderful story behind. Did you actually draw her on WC paper..? How fun. The adventure trip sounded exciting. -And, I`ve put a link to your blog on my site, at last!

  2. Wonderful, you really made me smile. Such a little cutie and what a delightful story - it makes me want to live in their world, is there room - perlease??

    Lucy, UK