Friday, April 17

Toot Toot - it's Friday!

Good morning, to you and welcome to Friday - all aboard on the train to the weekend :-) I have been a busy bee this week and have some work to show that I am most pleased with. I will reveal it in my next post though as I have some things to finish.
This week has been so nice in fortunate happenings that I cannot wait to see what the weekend brings. I think I have sold one of my Christmas card designs and I await to hear about the others but I am so pleased - my very first *proper* sale as an Illustrator. I don't think I'll be rich any time soon but I really love what I'm doing. Isn't that what counts?
This leads me very nicely onto a very moving but uplifting talk I was sent by Stacey at Discounderworld and it is called 'The last Lecture' by Dr R. Pausch. Please, PLEASE go to the link here to see this. I never heard of him before but it was so inspirational. I also defy you not to cry ;-)
That's all for now folks - till next time we meet. Bye-bye lovelies x

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  1. Hya, love the humour and especially the mini articles by each piece of artwork.

    You made me smile and it's Monday!

    Wish you every success. Jen - Felixstowe, England.