Tuesday, May 19

Family ties...More Silver point drawing

Hola peeps and I hope this week is being kind to you, one and all. I have been drawing my little socks off *flexes wrist - ouch* and trying to get to grips with silver point. I am learning new things all the time, today's lesson was do make sure your Gesso surface has no brush marks in! The piece I am showing you today bears the hallmarks of a woefully unprepared surface. Everything I read said make sure that brush marks are sanded out, blah de blah...yeah I got bored and just thought what they hey. Now as I'm fairly pleased with how this one came out, I'm wishing I hadn't been so lax. Oh well. I am enjoying myself though and I could not have done these pictures with just pencil. The controlled aspect of silver point makes me really think about placement of line.
I have a beautiful new piece of Arches paper all lovely and ready to go - sanded - and with not one but TWO layers of Gesso! Woooo. I think I'm going to carry on with the old photos theme, see what occurs.

Anyway - I bought a pack of photos from an antique shop ages ago and have never really done anything with them. That is till this week. Usually packs of old photos like this are generally random and are a mixture from different house clearances. However these are not random and have pictures from the same family. None are named and they span from Victorian era the 1940's. So in homage to this unknown family, I have created 'Family ties'.

The shading looks a little off here and there but that is the nature of silver point and a scanner! It skews things a bit, honestly it does look ten times better in real life...

So here's to a good Wednesday, do come back soon....I get lonely here sometimes, just chatting away to myself. It would be super if you could leave me a comment on your way through :-) ...then I know actual people are reading this and not just my Mum!

Take care xx

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