Friday, May 22

Hi there, you - yes you over there pretending you're not looking....Well it's come back round to Friday and I found out it is a Bank holiday weekend - hurrah! I know :-) Being as I don't work in an office any more, holidays seem to creep up on me. I do remember putting every single holiday in my outlook calendar and counting the weeks till the next. I think that is what I hated most about it, knowing I was wishing my life away. Although I was getting paid money so it's a toss up I guess :-)

What do I have today then, well not much by the way of massive great works of art but I have done another Silver point. This was from another pack of photos I had - all Victorian. The lady I sketched was called Maria A. Ruddock and although you can't see in my picture, she is wearing a lovely Arts & Crafts style blouse. Very fashion forward for her time. I imagine her to have been an artist and friends with William Morris. I tinted her with a little watercolour which makes her look all dreamy. I was thinking I might start offering portraits but my ability to get a very good likeness eludes me at the moment. I'm working on it though.

This week amongst the silverpoint I've been working on a design for the Bespoke letter press boutique in Brisbane. My first attempt was not quite right but I have managed to fix it, hopefully it will accepted. Designing for letter press is challenging but a good challenge :-) I'll let you have a peek when I've had the green light from the lovely peeps there.

I do hope that you chicklings have a nice weekend and I will be back with more goodies, I suspect more Silver points but you never know. I will be having a strange and possibly terrifying Saturday night but I'll let you know about that in my next post.

Toodle pips, over and out :-) xxx

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