Friday, May 29

Right, I'm back! Hello friends, I do hope you are all well. Its been a beautiful day here and I've been drawing new pretties. I have two new drawings to share that I did in Silver point and watercolour. Dog dreams didn't scan great as I had some really fine shading around the toy rabbit that just faded away. If I ever get to show them I will let you know so you can see them in person.

I am still loving this look, it suits the way I work currently, and I'm learning so much about it. This time both of the drawings were done on Fabriano 5 watercolour paper with two coats of Gesso. I like it better than the Arches paper. Luckily the Fabriano is a lot cheaper and easy to get hold of so, hurrah!!

So first up is 'Dog dreams'. I thought of all the things a dog might see in a day, how they wouldn't know what some of it was and then just assimilating it all.

This second is called 'Goodbye friend'. The said hare has to go back into the wild but this poor boy doesn't want to let his buddy go. The hare however looks most pleased to be off...

For some reason this blog will not let you re-size pictures in proportion, so they all look a bit squished. If you click on them, it should bring up a better one - non squished!

I'm waiting on a batch of old photos from Etsy and I can't wait to start drawing from them, they look awesome. I will sneak you a peek when I get them.

I also bring tidings of good news - this week I found out one of my Christmas card designs sold and I have had good feedback from the people at the trade show in New York. I am very happy - more than you will know. It has saved me for another week, yey.

Well, have a super weekend my friend - thanks for stopping by. It was nice to see you :-)

Take care


  1. The drawings are lovely, wish I could have so patience. Congratulations on the christmas card sell. It is a bit strange talking about christmas while the sun is shining all day warm and hot.Congratulations anyway.

    See you!!

  2. Many Thanks Elizabeth. I know what you mean, drawing snowmen in June really throws you :-)

  3. Your drawings are awesome! I especially am partial to the boy and the hare. The hare seems to have the look of "OK, Bye Bye now!" Congrats on the Christmas card too!