Friday, May 15

Silver Point Drawing

Good evening peeps and oh, its if you didn't know :-) This week's gone really quickly and I've had many things occur that I can't talk about JUST yet. I do hope your week has been good and you have many nice things planned this weekend.
Here's a little drawing I did today on my 3rd attempt with silver point. Its not easy but I'm fairly pleased with the outcome. He has no feet I realise this, but it was just a trial run really.

I tinted him with watercolour as I was playing around with a few things, I'll try acrylic next. The only annoying thing is you have to prepare all your papers with a ground 24 hours before drawing on them which means it's not immediate. This fellow is done on Bristol board with an application of Gesso silver point ground. I dislike Bristol board as a rule but against watercolour paper and ply wood it is best. I may try a rag based paper next to see how that fares.

You can't really see the darkest darks as the scanner reflects the metal layers, however in person it looks much better. At the moment it looks like pencil but in the near future it will tarnish and turn sepia coloured. Overall I am fairly pleased but needs improvement. I shall return with more attempts later.
Till then my sweets, take care and have the best weekend
Corinne x

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  1. hello
    I have been very happy drawing with silverpoint myself-I love your bird! I'm also pleased to see how well it took the watercolor. I will try both your experiments with watercolor and with gesso over Bristol board. Thank you
    Jeanne Gugino