Monday, June 29

Hello lovely-peeps. I hope you are all well. Apologies for not posting for so long I have been very busy with lots of drawing making and planning.

I don't have much to show as I don't think I can yet but here is a little peek at one of the drawings that was on it...This is Mr Bleriot and was a French pilot who flew a monoplane across the channel. I love his moustache.

I am waiting to hear what kind of response my Illustration gets, hopefully it will be liked. I put a lot of hours into it so fingers crossed.

So now I move onto work less challenging with less thinking involved! Only for today mind, then back to it. My poor little dog hates it when I'm super busy :-( usually when I am drawing hard I look down to see a small pile of toys that he has brought to coax me away (me oblivious to it). I do try to explain that I'm doing this for him too, but he still makes a sad face.

As I'm typing right now, he is snoozing next to me. Here is a picture of him so you can envisage the sad face! This was taken about two years ago so he has matured slightly (but not much ;-) although he still looks like a puppy.

So with that I shall take my leave of you chicklings. Have a lovely Monday and enjoy the sunshine.

Corinne x

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