Thursday, June 11

Hola again! I have had a few emails and comments asking me about Silverpoint and what it is. My main source of information whilst I was researching the subject was Silverpoint web which is where I also got some of my supplies. The chap who runs it is very nice and an artists himself.

It really is a process of trial and error with types of paper and application techniques of the ground, but I find it all to be worthwhile for the end result. I use Golden brand 'Silverpoint Drawing Ground' but there is also the alternative of a traditional rabbit skin gesso.
It has to be made up so I find a ready made (animal friendly) version better for me. Surfaces are another mind field as different papers give different quality of line. I am using a Heavy Fabriano 5 paper and a Bristol board. Mount board is also pretty good and you tend to get a darker mark with that support. It can be difficult to use though as it grabs the silver. Remember once a mark is on the paper, it can't be erased!

You can purchase pens from the link above or buy pure silver wire from a jewellers and utilise the casing of a clutch pencil. Gold, copper and lead are usable too - although from personal experience I would say gold is not worth it unless you are going for a 24k wire (EXPENSIVE!). Brass gives a similar coloured mark and is mucho cheaper. Having said that the wire does lasts through thousands of drawings, so it really depends on your budget. My personal preference is a 0.7mm hardened wire but you can get all types and sizes.

If I haven't covered something then just email me, I will be happy to share my small knowledge :-) It is all trial and error so go have fun!

Silverpoint web also has a gallery of artists using this medium so you can see what can be achieved with it.

Toodle pips campers xx


  1. I feel as though I know him. Lovely. Kate, Sheffield

  2. Hej Corinne,

    Really like the idea of giving the eyes colour. Eyes are such a special feature, the mirrors of our soul. This way you highlight them.

    See you

  3. Thanks Elizabeth - I always feel I have to get the eyes right otherwise it all goes wrong. I admit that sometimes the highlighting is a bit of luck, not all skill! Thanks for your comments and support x