Monday, June 15

Society 6 grants - Help please!

Monday, Monday.....welcome back peeps. I hope you had a great weekend with lots of sun and lovely things.

Just a quick message to ask for your much needed help. I wanted to entitle this post 'Help me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda' but I though that would make my request a little too specific. Plus I don't know anyone called Rhonda....

Hmmm anyway - what I wanted to ask all you nice people is to please vote for my studio on the Society 6 website. Nominations give the studio a higher chance of getting the grant and I believe that with enough nominations, I could be a finalist. There are lots of talented people on there though, I am but a drop in the vast art ocean.

If you would like to have a go, visit the website which will take you to my studio page 'violet lake'. All you do is register with the site (you do not have to be an artist) and then nominate away.

Much appreciated folks. As I've said before, when I've made it I'll buy you all nice presents :-)
As far as work goes I have got many ideas waiting to appear on nicely prepared pages but I'm having to hold them back with burly guards as I'm not quite ready!
Well take care friends, I will see you all again soon x


  1. I'll vote for you!!!

    In the meantime I have some news. Stacey of Discounderworld has a new idea. Visit her at her new place to learn all about it.

  2. Ah thanks, that's really good of you. Also thanks for the heads up re Discounderworld. Very interesting, I'd love to go there :-)