Sunday, July 26

SRG update

Holla peeps. Welcome back, I trust you have not all been swept away by the many amounts of rain that keep coming! I have managed to avoid it mostly and enjoyed the nice weather when it makes an appearance.

So the SRG dog show went well and I got lots of interest and lovely comments from people. You can see from the photo that my board looks a little squished with work but when we arrived we realised we were on a slope and in a tight spot. This does not make for a gallery experience :-)

Originally we brought four boards but it wasn't going to fit! Also we had a mad moment when my husband forgot the Velcro (to put up the work) and my kind dear sister had to go to a shop pronto to find some. Luckily she is blessed with good organisation and no fear! That's is her sat at the little table forcing people to buy raffle tickets and bringing some glamour to the stand. She won't thank me for putting up the second pic, but seriously this must be the only none perfect picture of her - ever! I won't comment on myself - apart from the fact that my hair does look better than that in real life.

A second shout out is to my husband (not pictured) who did his very best and sorted everything out. He did a lot of the hard work, carrying, putting everything up and making it less stressful. I could not have done it without them both - so thanks :-) All in all a good time was had by human and dogs alike. Thanks to the SRG for letting me have a stand. Please do visit their site for more pics of the day.

I think that is all for now but thanks for stopping by, if you would like to comment I would be most appreciative :-) See you all soon x

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