Friday, August 7

Patience is a virtue.....

Here is the piece I created as a test brief for an agency. As you can see it is a play on 'Bastille Day' for Rowntrees fruit Pastilles. I enjoyed doing it very much and think it turned out well in the week timescale I was given. Each element is hand drawn and then put together in Photoshop. I am currently waiting to get feedback from the agency.

Other work I am thinking of starting are some still life studies in Silverpoint. The content of the imagery won't be mind blowing but I am using it to hone my skills in the medium. Since I have been busy at work, this has taken a back seat for the time being. I have a few things taped to my board to try gee me along but I just need a light bulb moment before I can start! Another thing on my agenda is to enter the Sue Rider 'Art Liberating lives' competition which closes in October. I am just getting some ideas together at the moment with nothing substantial to show, although the dialogue it created has thrown me a bit. I have discussed some ideas with my other half but haven't yet got my head round the theme of 'Liberation'. We shall see what happen over the coming weeks...just waiting and being ever so patient :-)

I have also started doing nights at the care home and it has taken a toll on my body big time! The backwards working is a strange thing to get used to. The constant rain isn't helping either....Oh sunshine, where did you go?

Take care my chickadees,

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  1. I really like your new piece, hope you get the very best feedback on it!
    Working nights must be hard, hope you manage to get enough sleep, it`s so important! We have had weeks with rain, but yesteday the sun came, and the good weather seems to last. Wish you also get some sunshine very soon, Corinne!