Friday, August 14

Plagiarism...a scary thing

Hi peeps, no pics today but I came across a blog post by Lauren Nassef (who's work is fantastic BTW) that made me think about putting art work onto the Internet.

Now, I mostly see the Internet as a place for good and a platform for all unknown artists like myself to try to get recognised, however Lauren's story says otherwise. I don't want to comment directly about that situation as enough has been said BUT Lauren is lucky to have many blog followers and ones who will spot a plagiarised image of hers at 40 paces. I on the other hand am relatively new to putting my work up on the web and do not have said followers - relying on myself to trawl the entire Internet just to see if someone else had stolen my work is not possible. Who has that kind of time or inclination? Also there is some obsessiveness to that kind of behaviour, like I spend my time shuffling along in a straight jacket - you know?

So my point here is that Lauren's plagiarised works came to an agreeable ending in that all was resolved and plagiariser was shamed. It is scary that someone COULD potentially take my drawings etc and cobble them together AND win prizes whilst I am working unbelieveably hard with not so much as a whiff of success. How would I know? There is no point in putting watermarks on images to protect them because if someone is brutal enough, they will take it and use it sans watermark - trace it whatever. Another talented artist Art & Ghosts has had an ongoing issue with this and it will probably keep on happening sadly. I think influence is fine and every artist is influenced in some way or another - even if we think our own work is 100% original.

So what's the answer? I'm sure if you are like me, there isn't one but to hope you have enough peeps in your corner to spot these beastly copy artists. Although when the web is so vast, there are plenty of places to hide with stolen images....

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