Friday, December 11

Festive blisters

Hi hope you are all well, enjoying the festive season. We are putting our tree up on saturday and I'm looking forward to it big style :D Fun will be had, well by me at anyway. Present wise I have done a good part of my shopping and am looking forward to wrappage. Also I have just aquired a vintage pair of cherry red Doc martens and am breaking them in. Currently I have blisters on blisters...and in some considerable foot pain. I am hobbling around now in a most ungraceful fashion. I thought being pre loved I wouldn't have to go through the torture but I was wrong ha!

Artwise I have started a new observational/still life picture which I'm hoping will be part of a series. It is a work in progress so I'll post when I'm all done.
If you want to follow progress I have started a thread here - see you there!

Silverpoint on prepared paper (A3 Size)

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