Monday, January 10

Pillow Kits


Nice to see you again, how's your day been?

I have exciting news - the pillow from my last post has come into being in kit form (yey!) and I have four - count them four kits to go into My Etsy shop. You have a choice of fabrics which are vintage lush, but the pillow case will be cream. I decided on kits and not just selling them pre made because I enjoyed the process and was very proud that I created it. I want you to feel the same. Plus they will be individual, great for one off gifts for friends loved ones :-)

Unfortunately I couldn't source the same bolster pillow case as mine so they are a little bit pricer but very nice all the same. The kit will include -

1 Cream Bolster pillow case 19x54"
L O V E letters & bird motif (precut)
Cotton Reel & Embroidery thread

I will be listing them in my shop next week, but please do email me if you want more info beforehand. Sneaky peek pics will be on here shortly.

I'm off to make a hot chocolate now, before bed and put on my electric blanket (BEST present EVER - Thanks Dad!) so my bed is toasty warm. hmmmm

Love Corinne x

****UPDATE- The threads I bought for the kits have gone walk-about.  Seriously, NO WHERE to be found. Till the time I can get some more or find the former, they are on hold.  Apologies.....

However there are plenty of lovely things in the shop to keep you occupied till then.***

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