Monday, August 29

I have a website

Word up peeps and welcome back.

I have been busy beavering away creating a website *read sobbing and randomly swearing at my laptop* but it is now done. The cat above mirrors my own slightly vacant, insane looking face thanks to the many hours I have spent trying to make stuff work. Thrown into a world of Favicons and html script, I fear I'll never be the same.

I insist that you all go there directly, make haste. Do not pass go, do not collect £200! Unless you plan to give it to me that is ;-) There are links to all manor of places including my Etsy shop and new Facebook page. Oh yes, you can visit that here. Please 'Like' it and get everyone else to also. Merci.

I have still got a links page (to my favorite websites) to add and mulling the possibility of a news/update page. I shall now be just taking a short, well deserved break from web building to save my and the Cooke household's sanity.

On a totally different note, I managed to shoehorn a novel in this week called 'Delirium' by Lauren Oliver which is a fabulous read. I have a kindle and try to get all my books digitally but I just can't pass up a new book sometimes.....mmmm fresh unread pages. Next I will be getting stuck into the last Harry Potter book.

Ta-ta for now, you beautiful people xx

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