Saturday, September 10

Give Away!

Welcome back, glad you made it!

This is my very first giveaway (whoop) and I hope you will want to enter. Firstly let me preface this by saying that these are all items I love - stationary, chocolate and pretty pictures so I'm passing on just a little bit of that to you :-) Drum roll please................

Behold - the items!

Here's what's in the mix -
1) Chocolate.  A Whisper and Buttons, both by the Masters of chocolate 'Cadburys'.
2) Two types of Twinings Tea (four packets!)
3) An Eco Leather Notebook (it is not leather but it is Eco. Misleading, I know)
4) An Eco WOPEX HB Pencil (Staedtler, classy.) I don't know what WOPEX is but apparently you get more pencil's per tree and a ' Comfortable and unique writing experience'.  It has a sort of plasticky outer coating and it is cheery yellow. 

AND last but not least...
5) A picture I made just for you! Its a quirky little piece done on a vintage postcard.  I have no close up as its gone 1.30am now and I need some sleep, but I will pop another pic on over the weekend so you can see it all proper like.The frame sadly is not part of the give away.  I just borrowed it to showcase the artwork.
Oh the plant is just high-jacking the picture too. Not a freebie.
All together it makes a lovely little break time treat! Tea, chocolate and somewhere to share those creative little snippets you have waiting to get out.
So, the question you are all asking is HOW can I win these free fabulous items? Well all you have to do is leave me a comment on my Facebook page or under this post.  I will then pick a winner at random.  Closing date is Saturday 17th September at 5pm (UK time).


***UPDATE*** close up of picture


  1. treats! I see a pooch dog, I like it!

  2. I'd love to win. That journal looks enticing...

  3. Who does not want to win chocolate?

  4. How can you go wrong with chocolate and a fun journal?!