Saturday, September 17

Giveaway Winner!

Hello :-)

Just dropped in to announce the winner of my very first give away.  There were only five of you so the odds of winning were pretty good!  I put you in order of the date and time you commented on my blog and/or on my Facebook page (just in case anyone wanted to know).

And the winner is - by magical random number generator....

Number 3 was - Iddrise Ann!  Well done lady!  If you want to email me with your address I will send your prize. Ahhhhh.  You were the dark horse who snook in on FB!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who commented - I wish I could send you all something :-/  Fear not though, I shall be doing another giveaway very soon so please, please, please come back and try again.

In other exciting news, I have a fantabulous (it really will be, so excited!!) project that will require other like minded creatives to be involved in.  Make sure you come back on Monday when I shall reveal my plan.

I am now going back to a piece of work that needs to be finished by Monday.  I am not even half finished yet *rocks back and forth with panic stricken face O_O *.  Yes, my inability to judge dates on a calender has once again come to the fore.  In this instance I looked at the due date last week and thought oh yeah, plenty of time. NO. Not plenty of time. In fact not enough, Sigh. This is trouble of my own making and I shall go unravel myself from it now.  "We are gonna need a montage (a montaaage...)"

So adieu people, have a great rest of weekend and I shall see you on Monday.

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