Friday, September 23

Global Journal - Call for Artists

I'm back (wooo) and my internet has stopped dropping out.  Who knows why, I never got to the bottom of it. Anywho, I wanted to announce the project I mentioned last week and this is it - The Global Journal. See the spangly picture I created for it this very morn.  Oooh, the vintagey goodness.


What is this crazy thing, you say? Well, basically it is going to be a collaborative project between myself and a whole bunch of other people. I will start a Journal and send it on to the next person, who then makes some magical imagery and sends it on again. When we reach the end of a book, a new one is started. Simple. I want it to be an ongoing conversation, with lots of different styles and ideas mish-mashed together in a glorious journal.  I'd like to document it along the way so everyone can see it's progress. 

My vision is that the end result will somehow be made into a printed book.....I'm still working on that part though.

(After some research, I see it is not an original idea of mine and loads of people are doing them *insert annoyed look here*.  Obviously I was slightly deflated and all, BUT it shall happen non the less. Ours will be the best.  Besides, the others don't have my great logo/picture thing going on do they? Point made.)

So this is where I need you guys.  You don't have to be an 'artist', as long as you are creatively minded, willing to get involved and keep the spirit of the Global Journal going, you can join in. 


1. Anything added to the journal has to be flat (paper/fabric etc) as putting in objects will bulk it up and possibly rip through pages. This will also make postage costs higher, which I want to avoid.  
2. The work you create shouldn't interfere with or deface what others have done before you.  Also bear in mind if you are using glues or paints that they won't stick together pages or smudge something pretty.  We wanna keep the pretty!!
3. Have fun and enjoy it (not like organised fun though, I only know one person who is inclined to that).

The only thing this will cost you is postage to keep the journal going, but there should be a fair few people participating so you shouldn't have to do this more than once or twice.   


Just email me and let me know you want to get involved. It is that simple.

I can't wait to hear from you :-)

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