Monday, September 12

Pin-up make over

Hi Peeps!

I just wanted to share a shoot we did at the weekend with my gorgeous friend Lindsey. 
She asked me to give her a Pin-Up/1940s style makeover, which was really fun to do.  My internal juke box was singing a fair bit of Andrew Sisters, a bit of Bing and most definitely a bit of Caro Emerald.   I did struggle with the eyeliner as I had to use a black eyeshadow (gah!). Oh liquid liner -why did you desert my kit?  However, Chris took some fab photos and it all worked out OK in the end.
Obviously it is a modern take on that style, I mean the lip shape isn't rounded enough and the eyebrows should be a lot more structured. I like it though.

Let me just say, this woman has a newborn baby and has a lively toddler (both gorgeous as you can imagine).  Can you believe it?  She looks this fresh faced all the time, my makeup skills had nothing to do with it.  My model also came up with a great idea for another shoot (it involves wedding dresses and stately homes) so you will be seeing her again soon - hopefully.

I LOVE vintage looks but have no patience to do them on myself.  I would dearly like to be able to just leave the house looking like Dita once in a while but I am not the glam type.  My hands are always covered in glue or paint!
Also a reminder, if you haven't entered the giveaway then you are going to miss out people.  Get to it!  I know it's not much but its freeeeeeeee. It costs you nothing to comment and you might win stuff.



  1. Lovely. Look at you, making art, painting faces, you are on fire! I love it.

  2. *sprays self with extinguisher* Ha ha!! Thanks very much x