Thursday, September 1

Small spaces and IKEA love

Ok, so anyone who follows my Pinterest boards knows that my second love is interior design and all things living (although I do love those pictures of cats with crazy expressions).  The above image (which is from I believe) sums up my style - Vintage chic with a relaxed feel.  I don't mind if furniture is a bit worn or a leather sofa looks a bit shabby - in fact I positively approve of it. My kitchen is the perfect example of this as I have old tea containers, a vintage style bread bin thrown together with a few vintage dishes. Chris sits firmly in the cool/modern camp when it comes to interior design.  You can see where we might have problems. 

Our house is on the market currently and I have been eat-sleep-live room designing.  Our budget is limited so a spacious cottage might be out of the question. However, my other half will tell you that I will not let that stand in my way!  Small space? No worries.  I am mistress of making small spaces work. Multi tasking is key people! So when I saw Ikea's latest 'ideas for small spaces' I literally went wide eyed with wonder.  Those people really know how to design for the poor person who lives in a shed.  Making a walk in closet in a bedroom with a pax wardrobe, a staple gun and some fabric - GENIUS.

Let it be known, I LOVE IKEA and am not ashamed to say it.   We had a guy come to view our house the other day who looked in our bedroom and said 'oh, Ikea wardrobes...hmm yes...flat pack.'  with such distaste I felt it like a mortal blow.  All I could reply with was 'Yes, they are...' whilst blinking back the tears.  Joking aside, he was a monumental ASS (this wasn't the only comment he made) and I'm kind of glad he didn't like it enough. 

Anyway, the website has other ideas for a kitchen, bathroom (a laundry area in a room that small?? Blows. my. mind) and a funky living room with Chaises instead of a Sofa.  Even if you can't stand the furniture, you could take the ideas and create something magical all of your own. Hmmm, only I could refer to room design as you think I need help?

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