Thursday, September 15

Where did they come from?

I realised today after taking a look at my website that I totally haven't talked about my abstract pieces - duh!  To those of you who have been following me a while, they must have popped up randomly. Like 'woah, where did the rabbits go?' This is part truth as I never really planned to extend down this path AND it is still very much experimental.  It will definitely develop over time.

'Cloud Shapes'

The stuff I normally do (especially Silver point drawings) takes me weeks to finish as there is a lot of layering involved.  Sometimes I don't have an idea how my work will look at the end, and it evolves magically. This can be fun, but more often than not it puts me in a tight spot and I end up being Mrs Indecisive - which is a part of my personality which serves no purpose other than to annoy and frustrate. Add to this I have been struggling with THE biggest creative block for over a year. I literally thought I was never going to create anything again. Like ever.

When you see drunk people stumbling around with one shoe and crying like a tired child (you know, dry crying. No tears - just noise). Well that was my internal self.  Pretty.

So it was suggested to me by my family that I just do something different, throw some stuff around.  Enter, the paintings.  Let me just say it is one of the best things I ever did and is slowly pulling me out of the black hole of blockishness.  Whenever I start a new collage or drawing now and I get stuck, I find doing a painting just frees me a little.  That small crack of inspiration starts to push through. I like to think of them as companion pieces - not to be displayed together but as twins of the same thread of creative thought. Or something.

'Rising' This sold today - Yey!

Now don't be fooled, its not that easy to just 'make a good abstract'.  There is still a big focus on colour, composition and shapes.  I have to be mindful of how the paint goes down and what layers will be showing through yadda, yadda, yadda. Having said that it is quicker and things happen right before your very eyes. I do love that. 

In progress, no title. Loving it already.

So here is the painting I am doing right now - yes I am coming to you live from the canvas.  I actually started this post in between paint layers. See the camera skills, taken on my phone. hmmmm. Yes, I admit it's a poor quality picture but that doesn't matter as its a work in progress.  I shall be using an *actual* camera when it's done. For reals.

I hope you enjoyed that and were not going 'no really, I want some rabbits/birds/flowers' (like my Mum does).  Fear not, there will always be plenty of those.  These paintings are the rabbit enablers, <3 them.

I shall be back on Saturday to announce the winner of the Give away.  Toodle pips x


  1. Rachael Black15/09/2011, 14:23

    These are beautiful Coz, I love the colours in them x x

  2. The new one is awesome! I love the drip at the top and the soft blending next to some of the more jagged lines. And the palette is great, very emotive. I will be excited to see how it turns out :)

  3. Rach - Thanks very much <3

    Joani - Thanks, although I am super sad to say I managed to paint over huge portions of this and it no longer looks as good. I will recreate though!!