Sunday, November 20

Shop update

Hi, what's up?  Welcome to my updated, spanking brand new look blog. Do you likey? I started messing about changing up a few things, then like suddenly it was all different.  Not sure if this is staying, but it will do for now.  I'm envisaging some fancy things here and there although time probably won't permit them.

So what's been happening with you? I have been super busy over the last month making and creating new stuffs for the shop and finding new places to sell said items.  Up for your perusal is a painting and some supplies for all you other paper enthusiasts.

Sweet Pea Abstract - SOLD

Paper packs x3

The Global journal IS going out very soon, I promise!  I was all ready to send it on it's way and such when I had a bit of an accident. Funny story, not long after my previous post (mere minutes) we were on the way out when I fell knee first down the stairs.  The result was a trip to A&E with a suspected broken hand/knee. Luckily (or embarrassingly) it was just a badly sprained thumb and bruised knee . We can laugh about it now, even though I spent the car ride there crying and repeatedly apologising to my DH!  Needless to say our anniversary was a little bit of a disaster. We had a lovely tea from M&S after, so it wasn't all bad.

It messed up my schedule somewhat so I am  b e h i n d.  Anyone waiting to hear back from me about commissions or projects etc, please bear with me!

Oh, I am also on tumblr now too, 'coz that's where all the cool kids hang out.  Apparently.  Visit it here, although it's a bit empty at present.  Just talk amongst yourselves for a bit whilst I fill it up....

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