Wednesday, December 14

Free Festive Tags!

As this season is about the spirit of giving, I have created you all some tags which can be downloaded for free!  This is Marcel, just hanging out with you for Christmas.

I say I created them, but really I just made a nice design whilst my other half actually made them into the printable form you see before you. Yey husband.  I did attempt it myself but it led to an unpleasant episode of mardiness when GIMP crashed on THREE unsaved designs.  You might think I would have learned by the second time to save it more than once every 15 minutes?.....Anyway a lot of love went into these tags and I give them to you as my gift for this year :)

(FYI if you open this in Microsoft picture viewer it might look squished.  It should print fine)

Marcel :)

Follow the link and print

You can also go to here to download from a larger file.  So HURRAH for Christmas, and free tags to grace your presents - like a tag team of awesomeness! Enjoy lovelies, enjoy. Not long now.... xxx