Tuesday, December 27

Happy Christmas

Papers from Minimega via Polliblog

WHOOOOOSSHHHHHH! What was that? Oh, that was the sound of Christmas flying past.

Yes, it's been and gone, now all eyes are firmly focused on New Year celebrations.  I had the most wonderful time with friends and family over the last few weeks and have been very spoilt.  So a BIG thank you to them for making it so special - although I have Wii arm now. I specifically blame my Sister who was an ardent supporter of using it this Christmas.  No, I'm kidding it was super fun. I hope you all had a great time too.

We are currently in the no man's land (so to speak) between Boxing Day and New Years eve when everyone wonders what is actually open and looking at the tree wistfully, knowing that it's twinkly days are numbered. Maybe that's just me? I'm trying not to eat all the bad things in the house as well. I had some minor heart palpitations during the Christmas Poirot and knew it was down to all the mega calories I'd consumed since Friday. Obviously my 2012 involves getting fit. Very fit  o_o

So I wish you all a fabulous and fun new year.  I shall see you in January peeps! *pulls party popper*



  1. :) Glad you had a happy Christmas. I am sad it is over too! I am looking forward to getting healthier though. I have been eating horribly, and I feel yucky. Time to turn things around.

  2. Definitely, we will both be on a 2012 health kick! I just can't help eating bad things though :(