Tuesday, December 6

I LOVE Christmas

What Christmas news do I have for from Violet Lake Studio? Well firstly - I love this time of year (who doesn't?) but that isn't really news. No, it is that I have just put my Christmas Cards up in the shop!  Yes, two designs for your sending pleasure :)

Little Deer 

Pretty huh? They turned out really well in my opinion.  I have only printed a limited number because I really hate mass produced Christmas cards and I wanted to keep them special.  

Also we have our tree up - which you can see sparkling nicely away in the background of my Kitty cat card pic.  I spent a very happy Saturday decorating it whilst listening to the dulcet tones of The Buble.  We also have the Robin bunting up which I made last year (technically never came down) but it looks happy again now it's old pal the tree has returned!

In other non Christmas news I have been listening non stop to the new Florence & The Machine album 'Ceremonials' which my sister kindly gifted to me.  If you liked the last one I suggest you jolly well run (or click) to your nearest purveyor of music and buy it!  Honest to goodness, there are some epic gems on there.  'No Light, No Light' is my favourite track so far, enjoy.

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  1. I did enjoy the last album, so thank you for the recommendation :) I will check it out! The new xmas card is AWESOME! so cute.