Tuesday, March 27

New Illustrations

Well Spring has officially sprung in Derbyshire and we have lots of lovely things going on here at Violet Lake Studio.  After months of being in a dormant state it's suddenly all go, go go!

I have been working on some commissions for two websites which is most exciting, a project for the Alzheimer's Society (more about that soon) and finally people, I thought it would never happen BUT....we are moving house! woooohoooo! It is early days for this so shall update when it's a bit more official.  I'm trying to be all calm and detatched like 'yeah, whatever' but it's all a lie *throws open the new John Lewis furniture catalogue enthusiastically and makes list*.  Good thoughts people, good thoughts.

OK, so work wise this is what I've been toiling over...

Here's a piece I created as a test commission for a lovely web based magazine called '91Magazine' which  is just a delightful read from start to finish.  Definitely my kind of magazine. It is based on the map from Issue 2 as per the brief. Fingers crossed they like it!

The other illustrations are for a website called 'That Special Dress' which is an uber stylish dress hire company.  I am a tinesy bit biased as it is owned by my sister but I think you will still agree it is fabulous!  It was a family affair in design - My sister and I spent a while hammering out ideas that would compliment the site but still in my style and my other half did a good deal of the designing/ digital wizardry. 

The 'how it works' page changed its look slightly, so the one on the site is a bit different - but I love both.

I think we did pretty good considering it was a fairly new venture for us all.  You can see more of my work on a sticker and some flyer's but you will have to order a dress to see those :)

The dresses are all lovely and I will certainly be wearing a few for some special occasions I have lined up this year.  However my favourite item is the Tracey Reece Fairy Tale Cape which is just so gorgeous you would never want to take it off!

That is all for now, hope you enjoyed the pictures :)


  1. My goodness, you have been a busy bee! First - YAAYYYYYYY!!!! You are moving house :D. Secondly, the test commission work it wonderful and so you and they MUST love it, or else. Thirdly - your sister's site is gorgeous, wish I could hire that cape and several other things I saw there.

  2. Thank you :) yes it's been a rush but its all good. I know - yay indeed but I will let you know when it's more formal. We will have three bedrooms so you can come and stay!!
    There were other Illustrators putting ideas forward for the test comm' so we shall see what occurs. Keep everything crossed! Thanks for visiting her site, if international hire becomes available I will let you know :) I love that cape x

  3. Thanks a lot to share this with su.