Sunday, March 11


I have a memory of being about seven and waking up in my tiny, cosy bedroom, to sun gently peeking in over the tops of my curtains. My alarm clock was the sound of the cheeping (squawking) baby birds nesting close to the air brick.

It would only ever happen at this time of year, around Easter, and it signalled the start of spring. It wasn't just the sun, it was the quality of light, the colour it tinted my ceiling. It quietly whispered 'winter is dead'.

Then I'd throw on one of my 80's outfits  - something similar to one of these outfits (my sister had a hedgehog toy like the girl on the front row also, which I believe it was a puppet) and play in the garden.

Now whenever I see the sun just peeking over my curtains, I think of that delicious memory and know everything will be waking up again. It's a bracing kind of feeling that makes you glad to be alive.
I had that very experience this morning and it made me so happy. Sure, the weather can still be terrible in spring, but I always savour those sunny mornings. Sadly I can't go into the garden to play today but I will pretend I am.


  1. Oh, I know the feeling, you described it perfectly! I only wish that is what I had woken up to this morning :) I'm jealous!

  2. Sorry I have only just seen your comment. Last year we had snow literally all spring so it makes a nice change! I hope you get some lovely sunny weather soon :)

  3. Thanks a lot to share your feelings. It touches me.