Friday, June 1

91 Magazine & Jubilee celebrations

H e l l o  campers!

Issue 3 of 91 magazine has just been released and it is sooooo beautiful.  Well done to everyone involved. I am very happy that my little Illustration is just nestled in there between the loveliness. You can read it here!  Not too shabby.

Another piece of news is that I had a commission for a painting which i'm really pleased about. I shall reveal all when it's done.
Hmmmm what else....oh yes, We have also just received news that we are two(ish) weeks away from moving to our new house woooo!  Our garage is bursting with boxes already but sadly there is still mucho packing to do.
Unless you live in a cave, you won't have been able to escape the preparations for the Queen's Jubilee. Everywhere you go there is Union Jack bunting up and down the land.  There is also the happy occasion of a  four day weekend (thanks HRH).  Do yo have any plans?  I will be going to my friend's celebrations on Sunday which I'm looking forward to as she always throws great parties.  I might pass on the flag themed outfits I keep seeing everywhere though....
I hope you have a wonderful weekend  - where ever you are in the world :)


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