Wednesday, June 19

Baby's room update

Hullo :)
How are you guys? Gosh it's been a fair few months with lots of stuff passing my poor neglected blog by but I do have an excuse (sort of...) in the shape of a mischievous baby girl! She was born in January and is the most precious, beautiful thing and makes every day joyful. So thanks to the gods of awesome for sending her our way.  I said I would be away a while but babies take up so much time - who knew?! 

I promised you way back in October for pictures of her room and I have managed to put together a few for you.  They are not great but it gives you a flavour of the theme, any hard to see details I will put bigger pics of below.  I was going for a woodland animals theme but seems to have been taken over by owls :)

You can look at my inspiration for the room on my Baby board, on Pinterest.

* Deer Embroidery, Fabric Bunting, Felt ball Bunting and Paper Crane mobile all handmade.
* Knitted throw - Vintage find on ebay
* Story book pages (in frame) - Vintage finds
* Name embroidery (in small Gold frame) - Made by my friend Emma
* Owl bedding - from Tesco  (It was a single bed size that I custom made to Cot bed size) 
* Malm Chest of Drawers & Square pink cushion both from IKEA.
* Round glass lamp - Asda 

The Pillow (can just make it out) was covered with the owl bedding remnants for the Cleva Mama pillow, which I recommend for any babies with slightly flat heads.

Owl Puppet toy was a gift but you can get your own at IKEA. We gave Baby hers from being only a few weeks old and she loves it, it is the only soft toy in her Cot.

White bunny rabbit shaped LED lamp night light

Little Rabbit lamp (on window sill) was from Vintage Pink Online

The little tin bag (on shelf) came from Cath Kidston but you can buy it from

That's all for now, see you soon xxxx


  1. I love it all, it's perfect! What a lovely place to grow up - surrounded by so many little things made by people who love her :)

    1. Thank you :)To be honest it's really hard to stop buying and or making things for it. I just bought an amazing toadstool rug that I just LOVE but she will probably not give it a second glance ha ha!